iPhone Camera Spec


From Falk Lumo: Apple iPhone 4 camera specs

Focal length = 3.85mm
CCD Chip Size = 4.54 x 3.39 mm^2

So the FOV angles are 2*ATAN(4.54/2/3.85) and 2*ATAN(3.39/2/3.85). => 61 degrees and 47.5 degrees.

For the iPhone 2, 3g and 3gs (from http://ideenecke.blogspot.com/2009/0…-camera.html):

Focal length = 3.85mm
CCD Chip Size = 3.56 x 2.68mm^2

=> FOV angles: 49.6 and 38.4 degrees

Note that the aspect ratio of the camera CCD is ~1.33, while the iPhone screen has an aspect ratio of 1.5. So if you maximize your camera image without cropping, you would not completely fill the vertical range of the iPhone screen. In the iPhone camera app, the remaining open space is simply filled by the camera status bar.


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